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SEAM Project

The Semi-Automated Ontology Management Tool (SEAM) helps ontology development by automatically extracting terms, concepts (i.e., groups of synonymous terms), and relations from narrative text. Users can then edit this automatically extracted information and export ontologies.

Development funded by Veterans Health Administration contract number GS08T11BPC0030, for basic agreement number 11RT0150.

Development by Kristina Doing-Harris, Narong Boonsirisumpun, Kristi Potter, Yarden Livnat, and Stéphane Meystre.

To download the latest version of this software, click on the link below

As part of this project we also conducted a pilot study of requirements engineering for ontology Engineering systems. A copy of the resulting paper will be added soon.

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Movie of SEAM working


My work on the SEAM Project was sponsored by:

National Library of Medicine (NLM) Training Grant T15LM007124