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Education & Publications

My current CV and publication list

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Ongoing and completed research projects

If you are looking specifically for open access to the SEAM project, it is here.


About Me

I am currently looking to expand my career by working in industry. I plan to continue my research in clinical NLP with an eye toward incorporating more cognitive modeling. My training is in Psychology and Computer Science. My consistent aim has been to construct models of cognition to aid in the understanding human function and in the development of machine intelligence. I have been pursuing these lines of inquiry since I was an undergraduate. My Master’s thesis in 1990 investigated a technique to facilitate learning in artificial neural networks. Since that time I have periodically updated my understanding of neuroscience, with an fMRI project in 2005, and computer science, with a new degree in 2009.

To build on my previous work, I want to take a page from computer vision systems and apply it to clinical text processing. I plan to create a hierarchical system, which begins with attentional mechanisms and ends with a representation of the ontologic entities referred to in the text.

For the past 2 years I lectured in psychology (Introductory, Cognition), computer science (Introductory- Java, Machine Learning), and Research Design and Statistics at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

My most recent research has been as a consultant in qualitative methods and ontology development with Dr. Charlene Weir in the Univesity of Utah Biomedical Informatics department. We are creating an ontology of patient frailty indications. The goal of the project is to automatically rank patient records for frailty with respect to cardiac interventions.

Until October 2015, I was working as a Research Scientist with Dr. John Hurdle on the POET2 research project in Biomedical Informatics.

Overview of my thoughts on cognitive science and machine learning.

Teaching & Diversity

 My teaching philosophy statement and example lecture materials. Also, my thoughts on diversity in STEM.




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